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As craniosacral therapy is a very light and non-intrusive form of complementary therapy, it's suitable for people of all ages, from newborns and children to the elderly.


It's delivered with the lightest of touches, and is especially suitable for pregnant mums and babies, particularly if they've experienced a difficult birth.

A complementary therapy that's suitable for everyone

Think of it as a 'service' for your body and your mind

While this form of therapy can help with all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological disturbances, it can also be used as a way to maintain your equilibrium and to promote health, wellness and vitality. Just as you'd service your car, or your boiler, think of it as a service for your body and your mind.

 •   During times of stress, illness or injury

 •  To aid recovery from shock or trauma

 •   Particularly suited for babies, to help them to settle

     after the experience of birth

 •   Can be used as a pre and post natal treatment to

     help prepare or recover from giving birth

 •   Especially suitable for the elderly as it's a

     non-invasive therapy

 •   To maintain or enhance your current state of health

 •   To make a difference to the quality of your life

 •   The gentleness of this therapy makes it suitable for

      all stages of your life

Some of the reasons you might want to try craniosacral therapy

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