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Is there something you wish were different? 


Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle, hands on therapy, offers an opportunity for you to support and enhance your body’s healing, to help it to get back on track, to change track. It gives the body and ourselves a chance to move beyond the habitual, the ingrained, to a way of living that supports health and wellbeing, to make the most of our life experiences that we can adapt and grow in health.  Just as the ebb and flow of the tide leaves its flotsam and jetsam, its debris, behind, so it is with the body.


Some of our scars are visible, some not so. Are you living with something, coping with something, maybe even on a daily level? Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way? Give yourself a chance to take stock, give your body a chance and help it and you on to a path that supports life and living.

Why choose Craniosacral Therapy

Symptoms are the body’s way of expressing itself, of speaking to us.  Acute or chronic, recent or longstanding, symptoms can invite us to change the way we live our lives.


So often we are living with something unnecessarily. If you knew which button to press, to make something in your life different, you would have done it already.


Thole, a Scottish and Northern Englishword, as a verb, means to put up with - an archaic word meaning to suffer, to bear the load. As a noun, it is a wooden pin or one of a pair, set upright in the gunwales of a rowing boat to serve as a fulcrum in rowing. If a fulcrum is not true, or in line - if the wooden pin is not upright - making headway with ease would be a tall order when rowing a boat.

To book a craniosacral therapy session with Vivienne, call :

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What symptoms might be helped by Craniosacral Therapy?

Ebb and flow

Does what you are tholing serve your life and living?

Is it what you would want for your best friend?

What we do with that, how we respond, is what counts. Help your body today.

Is your life what you would wish for your best friend?

Treat yourself today. Help your body to heal, help yourself, the natural way.

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